Collection 1
Liminal 2022
  1. But You Had to Go
  2. I Spend Too Much Time in My Room
  3. My Love Goes Free
  4. It’ll All Work Out

Collection 2
Beginnings 2021
  1. Jesus Christ, I’m So Blue All the Time
  2. Aphasia
  3. Walkin’ On a String
  4. Up & Up
  5. Wild Blue
  6. Not Sure
  7. What I’m Counting On
  8. Unseen
  9. Let it Move Through
  10. All That and More

Artist Statement —

Extravagant marks of somber and brilliant colors reach across my canvas, capturing motion. Push and pull tones imitate the moving terrain of contemplation and imagination. In my abstractions, landscapes, and portraits, I symbolize the aspects and stories of the soul. I render images of division and unity, between intellect and passion. I also find that sometimes my work can be incomprehensible or “unknowable,” yet familiar, as life’s biggest questions and hurts only have ineffable answers. Through expressive drawing and painting, I dwell on the visceral and supernatural, and our mortal connection to it.

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About Antwon
The only certainties in my life that I have ever had were those of God, death, eternity, and art.

Even those are most unknowable, or incomprehensible. But I must explore what it means to trust the wilderness.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been drawing, painting, designing, and contemplating unknowable ideas.

So what is the real meaning behind my work?
Who knows!?

At this point you'd probably think I'd have a definite plan. I do. But it is simply to do the work and will of the Lord and not worry about what is next.

It is a terrifying life, but it is incredibly beautiful.

I share this experience and story through every art form I can master. My experiences, traumatic or glorious, have been blessings that I cannot wait to use as colors that bless others in their journeys and their homes.

Antwon is a multidisciplinary artist who works mostly in painting, graphic design, and photography. Born Anthony Thomas Allen, Antwon grew up in the suburban town Derby, Kansas. Since childhood, he has been a student of Fine Arts and started his Graphic Design education at 14. He also has always obsessed over music, and he names most of his pieces after song lyrics or titles he feels relate to his works. 

Antwon graduated from College of the Ozarks in May 2023. There he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with double emphases in Graphic Design and Painting. He currently resides in the Kansas City Metro Area, where he works full-time as a Graphic Designer while also working to further expand his career as an Artist.