Collection 1
Liminal 2022
  1. But You Had to Go
  2. I Spend Too Much Time in My Room
  3. My Love Goes Free
  4. It’ll All Work Out

Collection 2
Beginnings 2021
  1. Jesus Christ, I’m So Blue All the Time
  2. Aphasia
  3. Walkin’ On a String
  4. Up & Up
  5. Wild Blue
  6. Not Sure
  7. What I’m Counting On
  8. Unseen
  9. Let it Move Through
  10. All That and More

Artist Statement —

Extravagant marks of somber and brilliant colors reach across my canvas, capturing motion. Push and pull tones imitate the moving terrain of contemplation and imagination. In my abstractions, landscapes, and portraits, I symbolize the aspects and stories of the soul. I render images of division and unity, between intellect and passion. I also find that sometimes my work can be incomprehensible or “unknowable,” yet familiar, as life’s biggest questions and hurts only have ineffable answers. Through expressive drawing and painting, I dwell on the visceral and supernatural, and our mortal connection to it.

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7. What I’m Counting On

Acrylic on Aluminum 24”x48”

Inspired by the lyrics of Counting On by John Mark McMillan, this piece holds onto some sliver of the continued light. Hope is always there. As I began my new life in KC, flying by the seat of my pants, I knew God was the only way I got there and the only way I was going to survive. I knew I was going to need hope in this new wilderness. Even in the long nights and darkness, God never ran out of hope for me, and he hasn’t yet.